What Is The Cost Per Sq Ft To Build A Custom Home?

What Is The Cost Per Sq Ft To Build A Custom Home? At Riteway Builders, we love sitting down with new clients to discuss how we can incorporate their dreams, wants, and needs into a new custom home.  During that conversation, almost without fail, we'll get asked the age ol' question... "What is the cost per [...]

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How To Save Big When Building A Custom Home

How To Save Big When Building A Custom Home At Riteway Builders, we have a proven track record of helping our clients build the custom home of their dreams while keeping the costs in check, finishing on time and on budget.   Building a new home is exciting and fun, but with so much flexibility and [...]

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Consider Building A New Home Vs. Buying

Consider Building A New Home Vs. Buying  Building a new home vs. buying is one of those age ol' debates which ranks right up there with renting vs. buying.  Which is smarter, which is cheaper, which will give me the best return on investment?   We won't even pretend to settle that debate, after all, it really [...]

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Thinking About Building A New Home This Year? – Let’s Talk!

Thinking About Building A New Home This Year? - Let's Talk! With the first day of spring only a month away, and with the warmer temps around Boise, home builders and subcontractors are preparing to step into high gear.   The demand for homes is still higher than available inventory, and it seems that it [...]

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On Time – On Budget – With Upgrades Included – That’s The Riteway Difference!

On Time - On Budget - With Upgrades Included - That's The Riteway Difference! What happens when a custom home project finishes up on time, without going a penny over budget, and includes upgrades that were not included in the original house plan? Well... you get an ecstatic client! That's how we do it at [...]

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Building A New Home During Winter Months

On the 2016 calendar, today (12/21/2016), marks the first official day of winter.   Winter is typically a slow time for contractors and home builders, but with all the new homes being built in Meridian, Eagle, Star, Nampa, and even in my hometown of Emmett, ID, there are no signs of things slowing down this [...]

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What To Look For In A Custom Home Builder

If you are thinking about building a custom home in Meridian, choosing the right custom home builder is crucial.  An experienced custom home builder will have the skills and design team to translate your wants and needs onto a blueprint.  Although not set in stone, that print in conjunction with your input will be followed [...]

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Best Questions To Ask Your Builders References

When deciding on which custom home builder to select to build your new home, some of the most valuable information you can get will be talking with some of their previous clients. Most clients are happy to share their experiences, both good and bad, and some even offer an onsite visit.   As you visit [...]

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Custom Home In Garden Valley

Just finishing up this beauty in Garden Valley.  This is a stick frame home with timber beams and supports on inside and out.  

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Finding The Right Custom Home Builder In Meridian, ID

Are you looking for a custom home builder in Meridian? Building a new home is a big decision, and there are a lot of builders in the Meridian/Boise area to choose from. No matter if it is your first or last home, it is a good idea to ask a prospective builder a few questions [...]

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